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Top Ten Rules of Frugal Natural Healing: Volume 4: Issue 1

  1. If someone tells you that you need to consume it regularly for more than 3-6 months dont buy it.

  2. If it costs more than $5.00 a month dont buy it.

  3. The more manufacturing and advertising involved...the more expensive the product.

  4. Be suspicious of MLM Multi-Level Marketing.

  5. Dont take advice from someone selling the product. This is not allowed in the medical profession yet people allow it in the herbal profession?!

  6. Every penny you spend should move you closer to independence and wisdom. If your money is moving you towards dependence go the other way!

  7. Doctor means teacher lets bring back the real meaning of the word. Doctor does not mean crutch or someone to store information in so when you need it you just go and download it, etc

  8. Follow the method used by Hippocrates and many other famous healers - use diet and food first. Only resort to herbs and medication if that does not work.

  9. Exercise is the cheapest medicine

  10. A positive attitude is the second most inexpensive medicine. And it doesn't cost anything to give either.

The Top Ten Endangered Herb: Volume 3: Issue 12

 Did you know that American consumption of herbs has risen 50% over the past two years? It is fantastic that more people are looking to nature for their cure. However, the increased interest and marketing of herbal products has led to the over-harvesting of some herbs.

Having years of experience in herbal healing with my clients and family I can tell you with confidence that there will always be at least ten herbs that can help you in any given situation. So please try to avoid for now the herbs that are endangered. Do not encourage the use of endangered herbs.

Here are the top ten endangered herbs:

1.      American Ginseng

2.      Black Cohosh

3.      Blood Root

4.      Blue Cohosh

5.      Echinacea

6.      Goldenseal

7.      Slippery Elm

8.      Wild Indigo

9.      Wild Yam

10. Yerba Mansa