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Kristie Karima Burns MH, ND

Mother of Three
Master Herbalist
Iridologist and Reflexologist
Areas of further study: homeopathy
Areas of specialization: Allergies, Women's Issues, Children, Asthma, Panic Attacks, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression.

Ms. Burns has been interested in natural living and natural remedies since she was a young girl growing up in Iowa. However, it was not until her childhood ailments became serious that she started formal studies in the field of herbology and naturopathy. As a child she was plagued with environmental allergies, asthma, depression, mood swings and  behavior disorders. By the time she reached high school the only way she could find relief from her problems was by taking daily medications. After suffering the side effects of these heavy medications through high school and most of college she finally set off on my own quest to find a cure.

By this time her asthma had put her in the hospital once and her mood swings and episodes with depression were out of control. She would routinely go for days barely able to breathe and had a hard time socializing because her mood swings were so crazy that she did not want to scare people away.
Ms. Burns' cure finally started in the ancient Souks (markets) of Cairo where she met with some of the famous Attar (traditional healers & herbalists) who had been healing with herbs and nature for hundreds of years and had passed down the art to their children over many generations. They shared with her many of their secrets, many of which she was able to use to help herself. She spent the next six years in Cairo working as a photo-journalist and did many stories on the natural healers of the region as a way of further exploring the craft. When she returned to the United States six years later natural healing had become a part of everyday life for her just as it is for many of the natives of Egypt. 

To fill in the gaps her mentors had left in her apprenticeship training she went back to school to formally study natural healing. She started by earning her Certificate in Homeopathy in 1993, and then a Certificate in Aromatherapy in 1994. She started pursing formal studies to gain my Masters in Herbalism and a Naturopathic Doctorate in 1996. In 1999 she earned a Certificate in Iridology. She has also attended numerous seminars and lectures in the feild including the Fronteir HerbFest (for three years). She has recently completed continuing education units and gained certifcation in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and Homeopathic First Aid.

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