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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can a questionnaire give you the information you need for my evaluation?

A. A questionnaire is the central part of any evaluation, whether it be done in person, in an office, by mail or on-line. A basic questionnaire is part of every naturopath and herbalists client communication even if you see them in person. These questions are usually based on the practitioners own experience as to which questions will reveal answers to him or her. Not every practitioner has the same set of questions as each person sees people, health and life in a different way and thus needs to ask different questions to elicit meaningful responses for their evaluation. Thus a questionnaire is the cornerstone of every practitioners work and is highly personal.

Q. But arent there other methods of evaluation that a naturopath would use in their office that you cannot use on-line like taking my pulse, looking at my eyes, etc..?

A. Yes, but there are also still MORE methods that a naturopath can use on-line that are also used in the office or sometimes difficult to use in the office setting. For instance, the power of intuition is a strong factor in most evaluations. Many herbalists and naturopaths, even ones who have made a lifelong career in the field, will tell you that even after they evaluated their client through all physical means, the ultimate help came from their intuition about the client. A practitioner can intuit through mail, fax and e-mail in many ways. Handwriting, pictures, a persons name, the style of a persons writing, what a person says and does not say, which questions are left unanswered on the questionnaire and how the questions are answered, where a person lives, life history stories, and environment can help a person to know you even through mail.

Q. What are the benefits of consulting by mail or e-mail?

You do not have to make an appointment . It costs less. Office visits often cost more than $50.00. On-line visits are only $25.00-$35.00 because there is no rent, phone bills or secretaries to pay. You can fit the consulting into your free time. You do not have to drive to the office. You do not have to find a baby-sitter for the kids. You do not have to feel shy about discussing certain issues. Many people can express themselves better on paper than by talking. You have time to write down things and add to your thoughts at any time later. You are not restricted to a certain half hour where you may forget to say something. No one has to know you are seeing an herbalist or naturopath. It is an affordable way to supplement your present healthcare providers limited time for you when you need more time but cannot get it.

Q. What are the drawbacks of consulting long-distance?

A. The practitioner is unable to note physical signs that may help them evaluate you such as facial expressions, pulse, color of skin, eye readings, body language, fluid analysis and other physical forms of analysis. This is the ONLY drawback to consulting long-distance.

Q. Can I use you as my primary healthcare provider ?

A. I do not recommend that. An evaluation by mail is meant to be a supplement to your present health care providers service and NOT A SUBSTITUTE. You can, however, use on-line consulting as an ONGOING supplement and not just for a one-time evaluation. You will be able to gain insights into your problems that may not be clear from just one persons perspective and you will be able to talk about issues that you may not be able to discuss otherwise, or issues for which there is limited time for discussion.

Q. There are a lot of people on-line offering evaluations for free, why do you charge?

A. Be careful of anything that is FREE. Most FREE things come with attached conditions, like that you buy their products, visit their web store, or put your name on a worldwide mailing list that is later sold to hundreds of people. Oftentimes evaluations you gain on these sites are generated by computer and not even looked at by a person and most are at best formulaic and not personalized at all. Furthermore, they usually recommend that you buy their products.