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To be informed of ongoing in-person courses please request to be put on my "herbal students" mailing list at:

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If you cannot attend the in-person courses in the area I am offering them please see a list of online courses or sponsor a course in your area.
Sponsoring a course in your area.
* Look at my schedule and see where I will be in the Summer
Summer 2002 I will be in Iowa and Illinois, USA
Summer 2003 I will be in Cairo, Egypt
Winter 2003 I will be in California, Iowa and Illinois, USA
* Decide which course you would like to sponsor: All About Herbs, Reflexology, Iridology, Herbs for Women, Herbal First Aid, or Herbs of the Middle East.
* The organizer of lectures does not pay a lecture or class fee.
* Get at least 15 people to sign up for the course and find a venue to host it. The cost per person for my fees is $50.00 for the course. The sponsor is at liberty to charge extra fees on top of this for his/her organizational salary and costs.
*A certificate will be issued to all people who attend. Courses are 2 hours in length. For longer courses please contact me personally.
* Set a date with me and get deposits from all the students. I am able to set up a website and registration form online for the course you have planned if needed. Pre-registration is important.
* If you wish to sponsor a course in location or at a time which varies from the schedule above - all transportation to and from the location (including air-fare), room and board must be provided.

Kristie Karima Burns * Po Box 9802 * Cedar Rapids, IA. 52409