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I am now offering ALL of my courses online!

All Courses are $50.00 each. A Certificate of Achievement is issued upon completing each course. For students completing all the courses a Certificate in Herbalism and Natural Therapies will be issued by the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing.
Courses Offered
101 Nutritional Therapy: Learn about how to use diet, detoxification, vitamins, juices, herbs and superfoods to create a healthier body.
201 Herbal Preparations: Learn how to prepare herbs and how to take them. Learn how to prepare powerful tinctures, children's syrups, herbal pills, and even salves - over 30 different methods are described in this course. Dosages are also discussed in this course.
202 Herbal First Aid: This course discusses how to use herbs for first aid situations such as bleeding, burns, fevers, colds, earaches, anxiety, travel sickness and other situations.
203 Herbs for Women: This course discusses how to use herbs for women. It includes information on herbs for menopause, infertility and PMS. This course also has a section on pregnancy including a list on what herbs are recommended and what herbs are unsafe before, during and after pregnancy.
204 Herbal Healing: This course dicusses how to heal a variety of problems with herbs.
301 Aromatherapy: This course describes how to use aromatherapy as a healing tool alone or with other therapies such as herbs or homeopathy.
401 Reflexology: This course shows you how to perform effective reflexology treatmenbts on your friends and family members to promote healing and stimulate pain releif. This is my main tool for pain releif in my family and with clients. Learn how you can use it yourself!
501 Iridology: Learn how to read the iris of the eye to discover the health of the body. This course will cover twenty major iris signs and how to read them including the signs for high cholesteral, alkaline imbalance, candida, high blood pressure, poor circulation, and much more.
502 Advanced Iridology: This course will discuss advanced iris signs and how to evaluate the body through the iris. You will learn how to evaluate every organ and organ system in the body using only a magnifying glass, a penlight and an iridology chart.
601 Homeopathic Case Taking: This course will show you how to "take a case" in homeopathy to reveal which rememdy you should chose.
602 Homeopathic Remedies: This course discusses a number of common remedies and some uncommon ones used for various health conditions.
701 How to Do Consultations: This course gives you some tips on how to start doing consultations for your family and friends using the information you have learned in this series of courses and others. You must complete all previous courses before enrolling in this final course.

To make payments for online courses please visit:

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