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Book Review: Volume 4: Issue 1

From now on, to keep in time with the new focus of the newsletter, I will only be reviewing books that are available free online. Do you think this means I will be sharing with you a bunch of slapped-together online writings? No! Many classic herb and medical books are available online for free as their copyright date has expired. Additionally, many well-respected journals are available online as well - for free!
In this issue of Heal Free News - Herb'n Home Newsletter I want to share with you a site called This is a dream come true for any researcher and their selection is amazing and impressive. Most of the journals are medical. However, there is one link to a Journal called The Alternative Medical Review. You can find it at:
Enjoy up to date articles and research information on all the latest crazes in alternative therapies.

Book Review: Volume 3: Issue 12

The Antibiotic Alternative

The Antibiotic Alternative: The Natural Guide to Fighting Infection and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System, by Cindy L. A. Jones, Ph.D.

Even after hundreds of newspaper articles and doctor's warnings, TV shows and frequent return trips to the hospital, there is still a problem with antibiotic overuse. This book contains  information on the dangers of overusing antibiotics, namely, antibiotic resistance. As a pill-loving society we are now in danger of not being able to treat infectious diseases that were once easy to treat. Through this book you will learn how to protect yourself from infectious diseases and how to treat some infectious diseases safely using herbs. This is a good gift for anyone you know who has immune system problems or who is always returning to the doctor for more antibiotics.