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Vicki Thorne, Earth Heart
PO Box 427
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118
Vicki makes homemade massage and bath oils, flax pillows & herbal salves. She is also available for small group lectures in the North and West suburban Chicago area and writing articles. Her products are available nationally by mail order and they are wonderful!


Barbara Stange
The Basket Case
PO Box 7848
West Trenton, NJ 08628
(609) 883-5347
Barbara sells handcrafted maple baskets and herbal products. All handmade with care. Her baskets are wonderful, sturdy, simple and affordable! Contact her at:

Theo Giannioses
Dr. Possum's World
4455 Torrance Bl. #270
Torrance, CA 90503
Theo's company offers the most comprehensive selection of natural products (toys, clothes, tapes, books, etc...) and natural therapy products (herbs, aromas, flower essences, etc...) at the most affordable prices I have seen anywhere. Write to her at or visit her soon to be open website Her items are available internationally

Deb Athos
Natural Lifestyle Supplies
16-SP Lookout Drive
Asheville, NC 28804
At Natural Lifestyle Supplies you can find all you need for a natural lifstyle including organic cotton basics, make-up, personal care and cleaning products, food, kitchen tools, and even hard to find items (like natural sandwich bags!). Call for a free catalog.


Kytka Jesek
Hedgehog Farms
PO Box 1034
Bellvue, WA 98009-1034
Hedgehog farms offers the absolute lowest prices I have seen for Waldorf toys, books, dress-up clothing and dolls. And that is not even the best news! They also offer unique items created by them such as take-apart playstands and a standing wooden shadow-villiage.They will also take custom orders. Send $2.00 for a catlog to the address above.


Michelle DeFord
Crimson Sage Nursery
PO Box 337
Colton, OR 97017
This is THE resource for traditional healing plants, including Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Native American Herbs. Download the catalog from their website at: or send $2.00 for a hard copy to the address above.


Barbara Dewey
Waldorf Without Walls
89900 Mill Hill Rd.
Bowerston, OH 44695
Barbara Dewey offers Waldorf homeschooling consulting and a newsletter on the same topic. Check out her wonderful qualifications and information at her website :

Deb Shakin
Steel Magnolias
c/o 170 E. Armitage Ave.
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
This is a newsletter for cancer survivors written by a woman who cares. She has put all her years of research about natural alternatives for cancer patients into this newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is to offer emotional support as well as hard to find information. Subscriptions are $15.00 a year for a four page monthly issue.

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