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This list is 80% websites that will provide you with INFORMATION rather than products.
We have included some company listings in each section.

Natural Living Supplies and Forums

Country Life Forum
Visit this friendly site and feel like you live on a homestead. You can also find answers to many country living questions here. It's like a visit to someone's farming community!
The Raw Food Forum
Information about raw foods, recipes and why they are beneficial
EcoHouse Inc.
Paints & natural household items. Has a search engine for local retailers of their products.
The Natural Consumer Guide
A guide with links for all your natural living supplies and shopping.
Seeds of Change
A site featuring organic seeds and garden supplies as well as information, forums and exchnages you can join with other gardeners.
Planet Natural Garden & Home Supplies
Natural garden supplies with some household supplies as well.
The Bean Bag
All you ever wanted to know about beans - cooking, growing and types of beans. They have the largest selection of beans on earth and some exclusive heirloom beans.

Herbs & Alternative Medicines

Sapient Health Network
Offers the latest information on chronic health conditions & therapies related to them.
Mother Love Herbal Products
A company selling herbal products for pregant and nursing women. This site also provides a lot of information on the products and uses of them.
Healthy Living Network
Referals to natural health care practitioners, self-care information, links to hundreds of natural living sites for shopping and information! A MUST VISIT SITE!
Alternative Medicine Digest
Information on supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, etc...Also an "Alternative Therapies Yellow Pages" . Chat room and message board.
The Herb Research Foundation
The latest RESEARCH and information about herbs including many links to other informative sites
HealthWorld Online
Information about Western AND Chinese Medicine. Lists more than 160 herbs and their uses.
Algy's Herb Page
How to use medicinal herbs, herb lore, crafts, news, cooking, seed exchange and more! A classic site!
Michael Moore's Home Page
Maintained by the director of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Features more than 1,400 botanical photographs and illustrations, herb manuals and classic works. Includes links.
Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Features FAQs about medicinal AND culinary herbs. You can also download herbal shareware from this site!
Ask Dr. Weil
Ask Dr. Weil a number of standard questions about alternative therapies and be linked to the answers!
Healthy Way
Another great site that provides the best links to other natural health sites on the web. Great place to link from!
Herbal Reference Library
You can download one of eight clinical herb manuals for free!
Homeopathic Educational Services
Information on how to use homeopathy yourself as well as how to find a homeopath in your area.
National Insitute of Ayurvedic Medicine
Makes Ayurvedic medicine easy to understand. Great for the beginner but also offers all the latest information on the topic.
Journal of Traditional Eastern Health
You must see this if you are interested in Chinese Medicine! Offers an interactive acupuncture model that tells the names, location, and purpose of different accupuncture points.
Delicious Magazine
A food focused magazine about healthy recipes and natural healing. A fun and easy site to navigate.
Herbal Alternatives Experts
Features 8 well-known herbal experts that offer all the latest on herbal information and research.

Natural Parenting & Childbirth

Mothering Magazine
A magazine about raising your child naturally. Mostly focused on birth, babies and the early childhood years.
The Healthy Pregnancy Page
All about having a healthy pregancy - naturally! Includes links to other sites
The Natural Childbirth Page
All about natural childbirth. Includes links to other sites.
The Compleat Mother
A Canadian site all about attachment parenting, homebirth, breastfeeding and home birth. Fun stories and humor.
Pregnancy and Parenting Naturally
Information on testing, fertility, labor, birth, etc...
Mothers and Others
Organization for parents concerned about the impact of the environment's deterioration on the health and well-being of their children. Non-profit and educational organization.
Mothers for Natural Law
This organization is working hard to get genetically engineered foods labeled. Sign their online petition!
Doulas of North America
Doula referrals, benefits and training.
Breastfeeding Central
Information, humor and links
Active Birth Center
Childbirth Education, training, baby massage, supplies , stories and even an "Exercise of the Month"
Diaper Changes
A site all about cloth diapering!
The EcoMall
Environmentally sound product mall for taking care of your home and family.

Y2K Related Sites

Food Storage Solutions: Great information on food and water storage. You can find all the information you need here. Includes links to suppliers of products.

Good For a Laugh Sites

Natural Council Against Health Fraud: Talk about paranoid! Visit here to find all the information AGAINST natural health you ever wanted. Then compare this information to some of the links on alternative medicine research.
American Plastics Council: An ode to plastic and its greatness. A great laugh!