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Free List privileges include:

(Note: You must be in a group with a paid leader-member to be on this "free" list)

A.      Your name is added to the mailing list and you will receive verses for the month in your e-mail box each month.

B.      You can write letters to the group online and participate in the chat room and the online discussions with other Waldorf moms.

C.      Your childs birthday is entered into the list and is broadcast to the group on their birthday. List members can then send a virtual card to your child.

 Paid Membership privileges:

1.       Original lesson plans, stories, recipes and craft recipes

2.       Start-up package that includes instructions on how to start a school, a list of guidelines, pricing plan ideas, and a 50-page informational packet on Waldorf education.

3.       Interaction and advice from me

4.       Access to members-only information on the website (members only site will be open on May 2003)

5.       Your own webpage (one page) and instructions on how to edit it. Using this page you can post photos of the group or do anything else you want by adding and editing the page. Editing tools are very easy so dont worry. I am responsible for setting up the address, site and front page for you only.

6.       Your photo or group photo posted on the Waldorfschoolonline website. Send me one photo of your group and I will post it on the site.

7.       You are added to a mailing list that includes other group leaders so you can share ideas, recipes and companionship.

To become a paid member link here: