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Find Your Homeopathic Type

HOMEOPATHIC TYPE QUIZ (Take only in combination with questionnaire or if you are a returning client)

0= does not describe me at all
1= describes me a little
2= describes me quite well
3 = describes me perfectly

Please fill in the following form with the corresponding numbers from above:


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1. I cry readily (for no obvious cause):

2. I cry when thanked:

3. I cry from anxiety:

4. I cry from self-pity:

5. I am moved to tears by music:

6. I am relieved by crying:

7. I cry premenstrually:

8. I like sympathy:

9. I dislike sympathy:

10. I am sympathetic :

11. I lack sympathy (especially towards my own family):

12. I tend to sigh frequently:

13. I tend to brood or sulk:

14. I am irritable (at the least thing):

15. I am irritable premenstrually:

16. I am easily angered:

17. I am dictatorial (especially at home):

18. I am angry when contradicted:

19. I am prone to contradict:

20. I am impulsive:

21. I am changeable and inconsistent:

22. I am jealous:

23. I am suspicious:

24. I am critical:

25. I am fastidious:

26. I am concerned with precision/accuracy:

27. I am conscientious about trivial matters:

28. I am vain:

29. I am egotistical:

30. I am ambitious:

31. I tend to theorize:

32. I am pessimistic:

33. I tend to worry about everything:

34. I am anxious in company:

35. I am anxious when anything is expected of me:

36. I am anxious with a hurried feeling:

37. I am anxious and cautious:

38. I am anxious and indecisive:

39. I am yielding/passive:

40. I lack confidence:

41. I am fearful of other’s opinions:

42. I avoid undertaking new things for fear of failure:

43. I am timid about public speaking:

44. I am apprehensive (before a performance):

45. I am inhibited:

46. I am impressionable:

47. I think rapidly:

48. I think slowly:

49. I am talkative and frequently change subject:

50. I tend to procrastinate:

51. I am restless while at work:

52. I am anxious upon waking in the morning:

53. I am anxious about my own health:

54. I suppress grief following bereavement:

55. I am affectionate:

56. I feel better mentally after vigorous exercise:

57. I dislike being touched:

58. I am clairvoyant:

59. I have a low sex drive and am female:

60. I have a low sex drive and am male:

61. I like warm foods and drinks:

62. I dislike warm foods:

63. I like raw foods:

64. I lose my appetite during menstruation:

65. Mixtures of foods disagree with me:

66. I eat to the bursting point:

67. Fruit disagrees with me:

68. I dislike fruit:

69. I like eggs (especially soft boiled eggs):

70. I dislike eggs:

71. Beans and peas disagree with me:

72. I like starchy foods:

73. I like bread and butter:

74. I like rich, fatty foods:

75. I like ice cream:

76. I like peanut butter:

77. I like cheese:

78. I like olive oil:

79. I dislike pork:

80. I like sweet foods:

81. I dislike sweet foods:

82. I like sweet foods but they disagree:

83. I like sweet foods but not upset by them:

84. Pastries disagree with me:

85. I like salty foods:

86. I dislike salty foods:

87. I like oysters:

88. I dislike fish:

89. Shellfish disagrees with me:

90. I like lemons:

91. I like pickles:

92. I dislike tomatoes:

93. I like spicy foods:

94. Garlic disagrees with me:

95. Onions disagree with me:

96. I like milk:

97. Milk disagrees with me:

98. I was reluctant to take breast milk in infancy:

99. Hot drinks disagree with me:

100. Iced drinks disagree with me:

101. I like carbonated drinks:

102. I like alcohol:

103. Beer disagrees with me:

104. I have little thirst:

105. I like coffee:

106. I dislike coffee:

107. Coffee disagrees with me:

108. I have a fear of heights:

109. I have a fear of enclosed spaces:

110. I have a fear of crowds and public spaces:

111. I have a fear of mice:

112. I have a fear of snakes:

113. I have a fear of water:

114. I have a fear of thunderstorms:

115. I have a fear of sharp pointed objects:

116. I have a fear of ghosts:

117. I have a fear of the dark:

118. I have a fear of burglars:

119. I have a fear of being alone:

120. I have a fear of being late:

121. I have a fear of being hurt emotionally:

122. I have a fear of being poisoned (by bad food or pollution):

123. I have a fear of illness:

124. I have a fear of insanity:

125. I have a fear of cancer:

126. I have a fear of death:

127. I fear for the health of my family:

128. I fear of failing in business:

129. I fear poverty:

130. I fear loss of self-control:

131. I fear physical and mental exertion:

132. I am a warm person and made worse by the heat:

133. My ailments are worse in stuffy rooms:

134. My feet are hot in bed and I usually stick them out of the bedclothes:

135. I am a chilly person but made worse by heat:

136. I am chilly and better with heat:

137. My feet are sweaty and smelly:

138. My ailments are worse after sweating:

139. My head is sweaty in bed:

140. My ailments are worse from prolonged standing:

141. My ailments are worse in the cold, wet weather:

142. My ailments are worse in cold, dry weather:

143. My ailments are worse in windy weather:

144. I feel better from sea air:

145. I feel worse from sea air:

146. I love to watch thunderstorms:

147. I suffer headaches before thunderstorms:

148. I am sensitive to smells:

149. I am sensitive to the smell of tobacco:

150. My eyes are sensitive to sunlight:

151. I am sensitive to the slightest noise:

152. I suffer from a headache or feel faint on missing a meal:

153. I feel better when fasting:

154. I feel better after a shot nap:

155. My ailments are relieved by the onset of menstruation:

156. My ailments are worse from 4:00-8:00:

157. My ailments seem worse from 4-6:

158. My ailments seem worse from 1-2 AM:

159. My ailments seem worse from 2-5 AM:

160. My ailments are worse in the Spring:

161. My ailments are worse around a full moon:

162. My ailments are worse in the Morning and evening:

163. My ailments are worse from sunset to sundown:

164. I avoid lying on the left side of my body:

165. I avoid sleeping on the right side of my body:

166. I am prone to left-sided complaints:

167. I am prone to right-sided complaints: