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Muslim Website Links:The best list of Muslim sites online with links to all sites having been visited and evaluated by the site creator.
Halalco Books:Books on Natural Healing & Islam. Links to Islamic medicine sites and other Muslim sites.
Islamic Medicine:Information about natural therapies, medical aspects of fasting, islamic medical history, and health guidelines from Koran & Sunnah. Also has homeschooling information for Muslims.
Muslim Women's Health Concerns: Covers all women's health issues including infertility. Links to other women's sites.
4 Islam Site:Friendly and diverse site. You can get your own mailbox here and find MANY articles on Islamic medicine & healing.
Islamic Bookstore:Pamphlets, hard to find books on Islamic medicine & healing. There is a search engine that will send you to links or books & articles.
IIIM:Free course on Islamic medicine online. Lectures also available.
Imana:The answer to all you health & science questions from an Islamic perspective. They cover everything from The Big Bang Theory to embryology and provide ample proofs and Koranic quotes.



Waldorf Without Walls: All you need to know about Waldorf Homeschooling including links to other sites
Trinity School of Natural Healing: Affordable and serious home study courses for those wishing to learn more about alternative therapies
The Australasian College of Herbal Studies: Many Many affordable short & long courses on everything from herbs to aromatherapy
La Leche League: Everything you need to know about nursing and a lot of help if you are having trouble or just need support!
Dr. Koop's Healthy Living Site: Links to herbal and alternative therapy information, shopping & educational sites. Free online newsletter.
Herbs for Health Site: Information about herbs from all angles - culinary, healing, unusual, growing.


Mothering Magazine: A magazine for all mothers striving to raise their children in a nurturing/natural way
Michaelmas Press: Books on Waldorf education, quality family board games and new projects for 1999

Gaia's Child :Natural items for your earth child from a beautiful site that makes you feel you have exited the world of computer shopping.
Natural Lifestyle Supplies: All the natural living supplies you will ever need at great prices! Including organic cotton basics, foods, kitchen tools, hard to find items (like natural paper sandwich bags), and much more!


Frontier Herbs: Frontier sells their own line of superiour organic teas, herbs, aromas, well as carrying more than 50 other lines
Imani Natural Products: An excellent source for hard to find natural products, including Medicinal Quality Essential Oils, Medicinal Clay, Powdered Algae, Salt from the Sea, Organic Hydrolates, Natural Skin Care, Basic Herbs and Complexes. We highly recommend the Imani Reference Handbook!
Mountain Rose Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs has a wonderful line of organic, wildcrafted herbs and herb blends & handmade/natural products. The best selection & quality I have seen anywhere that still gives you small scale/personal service. If you are interested in herbs you MUST have this catalog!
Red Mountain Remedies


Angelic Organics: CHICAGO AREA PEOPLE ONLY: Angelic Organics delivers a wonderfully fresh farm picked box of Organic Vegetables almost to your door once a week from June-December for no more than you would pay at the grocery but for a lot more quality and less effort. Opening your box is like having your birthday every week! And the farm visits you are invited to twice a year are great! An organic farm co-op with a sense of commuinty, a weekly newsletter and great veggies!
Body & Soul : A nutritional company that represents New Vison International and their exceptional nutritional skin care and sports supplement products line. All products are natural, plant derived and usually organic. Their Fruit and Veggie Caps are equivalent to eating 3lb. of organic fruits and vegetables a day and their Essential Minerals in an ionic state, taste like honey lemonade and provide 71 trace and major minerals that our bodies need on a daily basis. You can listen to a free seven minute recording by Dr. Glen Halvorson by calling 1-800-697-2435 or link to the website for more information!
North Farm Co-op:Call for the drop-off site in your area. This is a great way to buy rice, noodles, and anything else you use a lot of but don't want to pay the high grocery store prices. Pay what the grocery stores pay by ordering in quantity and save time on trips to the store too! Their minimum order is very reasonable so if you order a lot you may be YOU OWN Co-op and not have to cooperate with anyone at all.
Whole Foods Market: Organic and whole foods for up to 30% off the store cost. Weekly sales.


The Grower's Connection: Small farm & market gardening Internet resources, farmers' home pages, agricultural books and more.
Food, arts, crafts, farmer's markets, gardening, rural life, farming.
The Garden Gate: Links to horticultural sites around the world
ATTRA:Sustainable agricultural, organic farming, and alternative enterprises.


Council on Naturopathic Registration and Accreditation: Accreditation of Naturopaths.
HealthKeepers Magazine: A magazine aimed at the professional or studying practitioner.
The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals: Certification programs for natural healthcare professionals. On site, on hands education all over the USA at various locations throughout the year.
The Sunshine Herb Shop: Herbal products for the professional.
Whitman Books: Alternative healing books for the professional and studying professional.
Health Village: The professional's resource for research sites, books, information, tools and products on natural health & healing. You MUST visit this site!.