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0= does not describe me at all
1= describes me a little
2= describes me quite well
3 = describes me perfectly

Please fill in the following form with the corresponding letters and numbers from above:

1. My hair texture is:
A. Dry, curly, wavy, shiny
B. Straight, fine
C. Thick, full of body

2. My hair color is :
A. Medium or light brown
B. Blond or reddish tone, early gray
C. Dark brown, black

3. My skin tends to be:
A. On the dry side
B. Delicate, sensitive
C. Oily, Smooth

4. My complexion (when compared to others of my race) is:
A. Darker
B. More reddish, freckled
C. Lighter

5. Compared with others of my height I have:
A. Smaller bones
B. Average size bones
C. Larger bones

6. My weight is:
A. Thin, I do not gain easily
B. Average
C. Heavy, I gain easily

7.My energy levels:
A. tend to fluctuate, to come in waves
B. are moderate or high, I can push myself too far
C. Is steady

8. Regarding temperature, I:
A. dislike cold, am comfortable in the heat
B. Dislike, heat, perspire easily, thrive in the winter
C. Dislike Damp, cold, tolerate extremes well

9. My typical hunger level:
A. Can vary from excessive to no interest in food
B. Is intense, I need regular meals
C. Is usually low, but can be emotionally driven

10. I prefer my food/drink:
A. Warm, moist, oily
B. Cold
C. Warm, Dry

11. I generally eat:
A. Quickly
B. Moderately Fast
C. Slowly

12. My sleep is most often:
A. Interrupted, light
B. Sound, moderate
C. Deep, long, I am slow to waken

13. My dreams often include:
A. Flying, looking down at the ground, mountains, chase scenes
B. Fire, waterfalls, battles, fights
C. Oceans, clouds, romance

14. My resting pulse rate (in beats per minute) is:
A. 80-100
B. 70-80
C. 60-70
A. 70-90
B. 60-70
C. 50-60

15. My sexual interest is:
A. Strong when romantically involved, low to moderate otherwise
B. Moderate to strong
C. Slow to awaken, but sustained, generally strong

16. I am most sensitive to:
A. Noise
B. Bright Light
C. Strong Odors

17. My emotional moods:
A. Change easily, I’m very responsive
B. Are intense, I’m quick tempered
C. Are even, I’m slow to anger

18. My general reaction to stress is:
A. Anxious, fearful
B. Irritated
C. Mostly calm

19. With regard to money I:
A. Am easy and impulsive
B. Am careful, but I spend
C. Tend to save, accumulate

20. My way of learning is:
A. To learn quickly, enjoy more than one thing at a time, I can lose focus
B. To focus sharply, discriminate, finish what I start
C. To take my time, tend to be methodical

21. I learn new material best by:
A. Listening to a speaker
B. Reading or using visual aids
C. Associating it with another memory

22. My memory is:
A. Best in the short term
B. Good overall
C. Best in the long term

23. My way of speaking is:
A. Quick, often imaginative or expressive
B. Clear, precise, detailed, well-organized
C. Soothing, rich with moments of silence

24.If there was one trait to best describe me it would be:
A. vivacious
B. Determined
C. Easygoing

25. Regarding my relationships:
A. Easily adapt to different kinds of people
B. Often choose friends on the basis of their values
C. Am slow to make new friends but am forever loyal

26. My family and friends might prefer me to be more:
A. Settled
B. Tolerant
C. Enthusiastic

27. This evaluation made me feel:
A. Indecisive
B. Annoyed
C. Sleepy